This is the interactive agenda for Suits and Spooks Washington D.C. 2015. This a draft a agenda and subject to change. Online registration is available here.
avatar for Shlomo Argamon

Shlomo Argamon

Taia Global, Inc.
Chief Scientist
avatar for Anthony Bargar

Anthony Bargar

Norse Advisory Board
avatar for Brian Bartholomew

Brian Bartholomew

iSIGHT Partners
Lead Technical Analyst
avatar for Kurt Baumgartner

Kurt Baumgartner

Kaspersky Lab
Principal Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team
avatar for Daniel Bilar

Daniel Bilar

Director of Research and Senior Principal Scientist

Doug Bruns

BAE Systems
Technical Director, Global Security Operations Center
avatar for Jeffrey Carr

Jeffrey Carr

Reel Holdings, LLC
Managing Member
avatar for Brian Contos

Brian Contos

CISSP, SVP & Chief Security Strategist
avatar for Michael Crouse

Michael Crouse

Director of Insider Threat Strategies

Sabrina Feve

U.S. Attorney’s Office, Southern District of California
U.S. Attorney’s Office
avatar for Adam Firestone

Adam Firestone

President and General Manager
Kaspersky Government Security Solutions
avatar for Scott Fitzpatrick

Scott Fitzpatrick

Norse Corp.
Security Specialist and Field Engineer
avatar for Josh Goldfarb

Josh Goldfarb

Chief Security Strategist, Enterprise Forensics Group
avatar for Judith Grabski

Judith Grabski

Inali, LLC.
President & CEO
avatar for Juan Andrés Guerrero-Saade

Juan Andrés Guerrero-Saade

Kaspersky Lab
Senior Security Researcher
avatar for Daniel Harrison

Daniel Harrison

BAE Systems
Global Security Operations Center Lead
avatar for Brian Hoffman

Brian Hoffman

Open Bazaar
avatar for Rick Holland

Rick Holland

Forrester Research
Principal Analyst
avatar for John Hultquist

John Hultquist

iSIGHT Partners
avatar for Barbara Hunt

Barbara Hunt

CuttingEdge CA
President and CTO
avatar for John

John "Chris" Inglis

Retired Deputy Director and senior civilian leader of the NSA
avatar for Eric Jaw

Eric Jaw

Kaspersky Government Security Solutions, Inc.
Security/ Malware Analyst
avatar for Sara Jones

Sara Jones

BAE Systems
Fusion Analyst, Global Security Operations Center
avatar for Paul M. Joyal

Paul M. Joyal

Managing Director
avatar for Robert M. Lee

Robert M. Lee

Dragos Security

Mike Lennon

avatar for Cesar Lopez

Cesar Lopez

Brasidas Group AG
avatar for Hilary MacMillan

Hilary MacMillan

Kaspersky Government Security Solutions, Inc.
Vice President, Cybersecurity Intelligence Executive (CIX)
avatar for Edward W. Marshall

Edward W. Marshall

Credit Suisse
Vice President
avatar for Ryan Naraine

Ryan Naraine

Kaspersky Lab
Director, Global Research & Analysis Team, US
avatar for Christopher Reilley

Christopher Reilley

Kaspersky Government Security Solutions, Inc.
Lead Security Analyst
avatar for Alan Reiner

Alan Reiner

Armory Technologies, Inc.
avatar for Jeffrey Ritter

Jeffrey Ritter

University of Oxford
External Lecturer
avatar for Marc Rogers

Marc Rogers

Principal Security Researcher
avatar for Dr. Char Sample

Dr. Char Sample

Research Scientist
avatar for Brad Saul

Brad Saul

Kaspersky Government Security Solutions, Inc.
Senior Technical Advisor
avatar for Roel Schouwenberger

Roel Schouwenberger

Kaspersky Lab
Principal Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team
avatar for John Scott

John Scott

Selection Pressure, LLC.
avatar for Bill Shleton

Bill Shleton

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Software Development Lead
avatar for Kurt Stammberger

Kurt Stammberger

Norse Corp.
Senior Vice President, Market Development
avatar for Mark Stokes

Mark Stokes

Project 2049 Institute
Executive Director
avatar for Dr. Michael Sulmeyer

Dr. Michael Sulmeyer

Department of Defense
DoD Senior Policy Advisor
avatar for Zachary Tumin

Zachary Tumin

New York Police Department
Deputy Commissioner for Strategic Initiatives

Dale Wooden

Weathered Security
avatar for Danny Yadron

Danny Yadron

The Wall Street Journal
avatar for Adam Zoller

Adam Zoller

Director of Cyber Intelligence